Bulk Pick-up

We provide services to local businesses in Scotch Plains and Fanwood.
Please call 908-233-3536 for a quote.
  • Bulk material is considered to be any items, such as pieces of furniture, small appliances or black or green contractor bags from cleaning up of a garage, attic, basement, closets etc.
  • All bulk pick up must be scheduled and brought to the curb for pick up
  • We provide bulk service to FM Disposal LLC customers only

Additional fee may be applied


Guidelines for Bulk Trash Pick Up

FM Disposal LLC is primarily a household trash hauler. We can provide small bulk clean ups for our residential customers as a courtesy. Cost estimates are provided when the customer provides us with clear photos and an itemized list of what needs to be taken away.

All bulk clean ups must be scheduled in advance

Since Scotch Plains has discontinued providing bulk waste services for its’ residents, we have a significant number of customers requesting this service. Therefore, wait times may vary. Please be mindful of your scheduled timeslot. Should you need to cancel, let us know ASAP, as there is a waitlist. Should you need to reschedule, the next available date may not be until the following week or longer, depending on demand.

Once your job is confirmed, do not add more items without letting us know

We schedule jobs based on anticipated space in our trucks. Multiple jobs are done on any given day. Therefore, items NOT originally included in your quote may not be picked up.

All bulk clean ups must be placed at the curb

NO EXCEPTIONS: For the day of your scheduled job, All items must be place neatly at the curb the night before (including your regular trash can if it is normally closer to your house). Please note the following:

  • Smaller loose items should be bagged, 40 lb/bag limit
  • NO WET PAINT! Paint cans must be dried out
  • Wood should be neatly bundled, no longer than 4ft sections
  • Nails/ staples should be banged in
  • NO concrete, rocks, stones

In the event that your job is too big for us to feasibly do, we can recommend alternate options.